We understand that time to market is key for our customers which equates to increased market share and revenue.  EVE offers a wide variety of services and  capabilities which provides solutions to meet stringent deadlines.

1.      U.S. design  and support staff

v      Knowledgeable staffs with  20 plus years of battery experience and expertise for ease of     communication flow

2.       Broad product offering:

v  Lithium Based chemistries ranging from li-polymer to Lithium Primary batteries.

3.      Custom cell design:  

v   4.2V, 4.35V and 4.4V Anode materials technology for lithium polymer batteries

4.       Custom pack manufacturing:

v  Either use EVE cells or other brand name cells of choice

v  Shrink wrap packs to fully encased plastic housings  

5.       Electronic Printed Circuit Board Design and Manufacturing:

v  Experienced with  safety circuit, fuel gauging to  battery management systems to integrated charging circuits.

6.       Full Turnkey Designs:

v  With a broad engineering depth, EVE offers engineering capabilities from cell to pack design, electronic integration and mechanical design for plastic enclosures   

7.        In House Testing Capability

v  EVE has in house testing capability for both cells and custom packs to ensure they meet and pass agency certifications the first time.

v  Performance Testing of cells or packs; Eve offers performance testing so you know how the cell or pack will perform in stringent temperature requirements.

8.      Shipping Logistics:

v  Whether you manufacture offshore or from the states, we offer shipping from Columbus, OH or directly from our offshore facilities.



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New Products
-40C to 85C wide range Li-Ion rechargeable battery
-40C Low temperature rechargeable battery
High Temperature 125C non-rechargeable Lithium battery

Case Study 1: blue tooth headphone

Case Study 2: Energy storage

Case Study 3: Medical devices

Li-Po battery for wearable devices